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Barnacre Holiday Cottages, The Old Shippon, Arkwright Farm, Eidsforth Lane, Barnacre, Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 1GN

telephone : 01995 600918

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WiFi and Internet Broadband

Spring 2017

We are in the middle of the countryside and we cannot have a dedicated phone line for the internet. However, we have had a system installed which connects broadband to the cottages by antennae and password.

Back in June 2016 Superfast Broadband was brought to our area and the speeds we get are now very good.

The system works well for most guests. Occasionally, guests coming from abroad sometimes have to adjust their laptop settings. Although strangely enough, their children have been able to gain internet access on their ipads/phones/gadjets.

It is a free service, please do not take offence if it is not at the 'speed' that you normally receive. We continually look at ways to keep the service up to date and implement any new changes that appear on the market.