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Barnacre Holiday Cottages, The Old Shippon, Arkwright Farm, Eidsforth Lane, Barnacre, Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 1GN

telephone : 01995 600918

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Do you have difficulty walking?

TramperA group of local businesses including ourselves and a variety of countryside organisations, have got together to develop the Wyresdale Wheels for all project, which means that there is now an all terrain buggy, the Tramper, which is available for hire.

The Tramper is a specially designed four wheel drive electric buggy which can be used off road and even on rough ground, mud and grass. It enables people who have difficulty walking to experience the countryside, woodlands and lakesides; and to accompany their friends and families when out walking.

The Tramper is available to use, for a nominal fee, approx £5 per day or £15 for the week. You can hire it for just a few hours or a few days subject to availability. You will be given a brief lesson on how to use the Tramper before you take it out for a drive.

New trails are currently being developed. However, there are at the moment, six routes that you can use to take you in the countryside within three miles of the cottages. These trails are also ideal for less agile walkers and people with buggies, as they are stile free and few steep slopes.

Trampers are also available for hire from Beacon Fell near Chipping at Wyre Estuary Country Park and the Wild Boar Park also at Chipping. At these places you also need to book ahead.

For more information you can visit the website www.forestofbowland.com or ring 01772 531473 or even contact us and we can send you a leaflet giving more details.